Friday, October 21, 2011

Taking The Battle To New Heights! - by Joe

As cancer gets scarier and scarier, Heidi and I have managed to get healthier and healthier.. eating right, losing weight, gaining muscle.  Praying like crazy.

I wish I could transport you to some of the incredible mountains we have climbed/hiked since my last post.  Now that we can manage steep trails, we've tackled increasingly challenging summits in the past 2 months. 
We also take communion on top of each one, celebrating God's love for us. Cancer is a terrible disease, where your own cells decide to turn into monsters and attack you. It is so intense. But we're finding that adventures can be equally or more intense, putting cancer in its place

Hike on!

And as always, thank you for your prayers and positive thoughts!

- Joe & Heidi



  1. Fantastic photos.
    Fantastic perspective.
    I like the idea of taking communion together when you reach each summit.
    Bless you as you move forward each day.

  2. Nature is so healing. I miss my mom's yard...crazy. I am always thinking of you guys......hike on! Peace

  3. I love the way that you and Heidi have learned to focus your energies on what you can do with what has happened to you, not on just what has happened. I think that is one of life's most important lessons and you two are marvelous examples of both living that lesson and sharing it. I remeber Joseph Campbell's hero's journey, in which we must go into the depths and get the lesson from the dragon and then climb up into the world and share the lesson. No sharing, no heroism. You two are doing it the heroic way. Thank you. It matters.

  4. I admire your sincere attitude of fighting and living on despite your current battle with cancer. It takes a special type of personality and character to be able to muster that inner strength to carry on. May God heal both of you.

    George Alarcon

    My Mother's Amazing Cancer Recovery

  5. How are you guys doing? Hope for an update soon. I keep checking back to see if there's a new post. Best wishes.

  6. Thank for the kind comments!
    Whidbey, Heidi gets a spinal scan this Wednesday and I get rechecked mid-December. I'll try to get a new blog post up today, thanks!
    - Joe