Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Celebration! -by Joe

Awaiting tumor marker results and Oncology appointment
After 3 succesive chemotherapy failures in the past 6 months, Heidi's new liver tumors were growing as well as her bone and lung cancer progressing. Terrifying.  So 3 weeks ago her Oncologist resorted to the very toxic chemo called Taxotere.  Unlike Heidi's past chemotherapies, Taxotere is given once every 3 weeks instead of every week.

Great News!!
This Monday, 3 weeks after that first dose, Heidi's tumor markers were drawn and an hour or so later we met with her Oncologist.  The result? The tumor marker showed Taxotere was working, even after one dose!!  And her liver tests were moving back towards normal!

Because of the high toxicity of this chemo, Monday's dose was stopped when Heidi immediately developed a serious reaction to Taxotere as soon as the dose was started.  So they tried again Tuesday, going very slowly, adding other meds to reduce her body's negative reaction.  It worked and she got her complete second dose of Taxotere!

At the same time they were starting the second dose of Taxotere on Tuesday, I was seeing my own Oncologist for a followup after my cancer surgery on March 12.  Everything looked great he said, including my tumor marker(PSA)!  So I rejoined Heidi for her hours spent slowly receiving the Taxotere.

Celebration meal together with Mary at the SCCA Guest House
Heidi's dear friend Mary was also with Heidi in the chemotherapy room both days, giving wonderful support and encouragement.  Thank you Mary!  We celebrated with a meal together with Mary.

Back home now, we are both exhausted but so very thankful to God, to the staff at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and so many friends & family praying for us, sending positive thoughts our way.

So thank you!

- Joe