Saturday, November 12, 2011

No Looking Back -by Joe

We are approaching some major milestones.  Wednesday Heidi gets a spinal scan to check for new tumors and also gets her tumor markers checked.  A few weeks later I get checked for new bladder tumors and the new mass in my prostate checked.  Expecting good results on all three, we're not letting worry take over and not worrying about past results - no looking back!

We're both a bit sad that snowfall has closed off the high elevation, steep hiking trails for the winter.  What an amazing set of 22 outdoor adventures since May!  But now we can explore lower elevation river trails, and later do some snowshoeing - no looking back!

In our walks with God, we're learning the same thing.  Letting go of past doubts, expectations, bargaining, mistakes... Learning new ways to trust God and approach Him through contemplative prayer, we are excited about a growing, stronger, closer relationship with our Creator - no looking back!

As always, thanks for your kind encouragement, prayers, positive thoughts.

- Joe & Heidi


  1. What a wonderful outlook on life you and Heidi have. As usual, this is an inspirational entry. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your experiences, and allowing all of us to share in your battle because all of us can learn a thing or two about life through your writing. Your writing is always so eloquent and educational in some form or another about struggle, strife, and the choices we have in how we chose to look at life and our creator(s). Thank you Joe and Heidi for being shining examples of perseverance and the will to live.

  2. I LOVE this Joe!!! You both are terrific, and are living such a full, joyful life despite the difficulties, by God's grace, enjoying the wonderfulness of our Creator and His creation! <3 <3 to you both!

  3. No looking back...................forward into new things, new challenges, new awareness, new everything. Thank you! Peace and Blessings to you and Heidi