Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Grieving Heidi's Death - Joe

It's been two and a half months since Heidi died of her metastatic breast cancer. 

Here is a link to the recording of my presentation at Heidi's Memorial Service:
Heidi's Memorial

I am still devastated.
But I am building a new life, slowly and mindfully by:
  • telling everyone about how wonderful and brave she was
  • asking God to help me grieve in healthy manner
  • continuing the outside adventures alone, occasionally with friends
  • hosting holiday dinners at home
  • decorating the house in new ways for the holidays, to start a new tradition
  • journaling my grief over time, on Facebook
  • staying vigilante regarding both my cancers' potential recurrences/metastasis
  • restarting volunteer work for church and nonprofits

My heart goes out to those of you that face a cancer battle alone.  Heidi and I had each other and our marriage got so strong through our ordeal.  I hate cancer with a passion and will try to continue supporting friends that are still fighting cancer.

Love & Blessings,