Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Life Beyond 6 Months After Heidi's Death

Time for an update on my journey without Heidi - how I miss her!

CANCER: I got the fantastic news from Seattle Cancer Care Alliance on April 1 right after reaching the summit of Kloshe Nanitch that all the abdominal scans to locate suspected new tumors (causing bleeding) showed NO SIGN of cancer!  And the bleeding has stopped, without any treatment!  I'm thanking God for a little miracle on that one and all of you for your prayers..

SHOULDER INJURY: A few weeks later, during a climbing safety class on Mount Rainier with The Mountaineers, I had a climbing accident and severely tore the tendons of my left shoulder and damaged muscles of my left arm.  Ironic, eh?  I've already started Physical Therapy in preparation for inevitable surgery after I meet the surgeon on May 13.

At least I am allowed to continue hiking and exercising within careful limitations.

GRIEF: All I can say is that I still feel ripped apart without Heidi.  I am still crazy in love with her and dumbfounded that she is gone.  But still determined to live a life for Christ that she would be proud of.  Outdoors adventures continue, with almost 40 hikes/climbs since she died..

A couple videos of hikes I've done, before and after the climbing accident are in the links at the end of this blog post. As always, thanks for your compassion.
- Joe