Monday, September 24, 2012

I Will Always Love You Heidi - Farewell

Heidi Hendricks

Heidi departed for Heaven this morning.
I will always love her.
Thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts so many of you sent to help her battle cancer and live years beyond her prognosis, for God.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Overwhelmed - by Joe

The gamma knife procedure worked on Heidi's 6 brain tumors - but now, they have discovered many more, including in the cerebellum. 

Even though Heidi has been off Taxotere, her ascites (liver causing abdomen to swell with fluid) has gotten worse.  And we still don't know if the new chemo is working after 3 doses.
Overnight at the Seattle Cancer Alliance Guest House

She barely finished her last hike on August 1 up the Little Quilcene Trail.  But she enjoyed it and the scenery as you can see was spectacular.

But the last 3 weeks have been filled with ambulance rides and hospitalizations.  As I write this, I am sitting next to Heidi's hospital bed as she sleeps. 

Heidi's last hike before hospitalization; Little Quilcene Trail
Praying for Heidi on my solo hike up Mount Townsend
Two days ago was a nightmare.  She awoke unable to walk, unable to speak.  She had an appointment with the gamma knife team in Seattle.  Our wonderful friend Rina came to my rescue helping me get Heidi safely to the car and then in Seattle, into the hospital for her appointment.  Seeing her condition, the gamma knife team there at Harborview Medical Center sent her by ambulance to here at the University of Washington Medical Center, so her oncology team could figure out what was wrong.

Confusing symptoms have kept the oncology team looking for answers as to why Heidi's speech and coordination have gotten bad so quickly, why her liver is not recovering after being off the Taxotere.

At UWMC, Heidi so weak but still joking with me and a friend.
As of tonight, they believe her many medications were not getting metabolized, producing the symptoms.  So the strategy now is to stop most medications and detox the abdomen which was positive for ammonia.  This has partially restored her clarity of thought & speech and she is again fairly steady on her feet.  But her bilirubin is climbing, a very bad sign.

My own reports are all good.  No colon cancer.  No bladder cancer recurrence.  PSA normal, further confirmation that my radical prostatectomy got all the cancer there.

We are both wiped out, worn out.  But hopeful that her doctors will get her past this danger point and back on the hiking trails she loves.

As always, thank you for your support, your prayers & positive thoughts.