Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tough Times Ahead For Heidi - by Joe

Waiting to hear the tumor marker results
Yesterday's (April 2) tumor markers (labwork that tracks her cancer) confirmed that Heidi's adriamycin chemo has not worked and her cancer is growing.  So they stopped that chemo and told us to wait to hear what her Oncologist plans next. 

Meanwhile I was having increasing pain from my surgery and my Oncologist ordered a CT scan yesterday, which showed the post cancer surgery drain was not working.

After the bad news, staying at the SCCA House

Today, I had outpatient surgery to place a deeper drain that will hopefully work better.  When we got home from my surgery, Heidi's Oncologist contacted us with thier plan: MRIs to establish a baseline of Heidi's current cancer status and then starting another chemotherapy called taxol.

Waiting for my outpatient surgery

As you can see from the photos, we pray, we laugh, we cry.  When I get scared about Heidi I remember the amazing hikes and climbs we've done since Spring of 2011 (almost 40!).  She's tough, she's determined and I plan on supporting her better and better as God shows me how.

No despair.  None. 
Pray..  Laugh..  Cry..

Thank you for caring,


  1. You both are incredible people & I love you! Heidi just looks more beautiful all the time - her wig really suits her - and you both radiate life & love! God be with you mightily and bring joy from these trials.

  2. You both are wonderful people - you radiate life & love - Heidi just looks more beautiful than ever - her wig reallys suits her! Love you both!!

  3. I am astounded with each turn of events by your strength, and generosity. By sharing your story, you give everyone strength to battle their own problems. I thank God that you two have each other and I believe that you carry each other, motivate each other, heal each other.......with God's graces.

    May you continue to heal and may the Taxol be the healing treatment to eradicate Heidi's cancer.

    Peace and blessings, Denise

  4. Because He lives, we can face tomorrow. Happy Easter to you both. Lifting you up in prayer right now.