Sunday, June 12, 2011

Those Really Bad Days With Cancer -By Joe

Everyone has ups and downs in life.  With cancer some of the down days can be quite low.  Last Wednesday was a case in point:
  • Heidi's neutrophil count(normal white blood cells) was too low to allow getting her weekly chemotherapy dose
  • Heidi's rise in tumor markers(a test for increased cancer growth) was abnormally high.  That along with her increasing tumor site pain implies the chemotherapy might be failing to stop cancer growth
  • We found out we'd enter the infamous Medicare 'hole', where the expensive chemo and other prescriptions are no longer covered until we reach a much higher 'level'
  • Upon returning home, we found that our neighbors' dogs had broken in to the chicken pen and killed all four of Heidi's hens
What do you do on a day like that?  Cry? ..of course.  But this amazing lady also chose to complete a very steep hike up Tiger Mountain and to laugh at my dumb jokes.  And sing.  And pray.

I consider my faith in Christ fairly strong and growing each day.  But wow!  Watching Heidi's faith in action is humbling indeed.  We may be facing a very difficult chapter in the battle, but there are many more mountains to climb and songs to sing.

As always, thanks for your compassion, your prayers, your positive thoughts!



    With LOVE & Respect,
    Steve & Trachena

  2. you're both an inspiration, Joe and Heidi ... I am so glad I found your blog, to see how you're doing and how to pray .. sending love, prayers and thoughts from Mississippi.

  3. You are both in my prayers and thoughts everyday. God doesn't promise us easy times and no problems, but he does promise that he will never leave our sides. You both are walking amazing walks with him and are living testimonies to your faith.

    Jackie Douglas

  4. Thank you so much for dealing with this topic, of dealing with the terrible days when both people are down. It's an issue, I think, for any couple even without cancer, and obviously tougher with. It is one thing when one person is up and the other down and strength can counterbalance, so much harder when both are suffering. Your Wednesday really was beyond horrible, even without the Medicare part, which I just learned about in your post. The only thing I've learned about living through days like that as a couple is exactly what you two have done, hanging ont each other, the divine, and life in the moment, and reaching out to your community. It is enough. You are loved on earth and in heaven.

  5. Uncle Joe, thanks for sharing the tough news.

  6. Dear Joe and Heidi,
    Your situation is overwhelming and my heart goes out to the two of you. Miracles can happen and I have faith that God will grant you the means to get through this hard time and help Heidi heal. Peace

  7. Keeping looking UP (to God that is). He is your strength.