Monday, February 21, 2011

Staying Upbeat With 'MiniCelebrations' -by Joe

We get lots of encouragement for our habit of pre- or post-chemotherapy 'dates'..often a cafe or a hike on chemo days.

The tradition really started on the horrible day in May 2008 when scans showed that Heidi's breast cancer was back, spread to both lungs and her bones.  After an emotional upheavel that day, we staggered down to the waterfront and committed chocolate!  At the BluWater Bistro on Lake Union we ordered a 'death-by-chocolate' dessert that was so huge we couldn't even finish it.

From there, we expanded the idea of adding fun to cancer center visits to include hiking, trying new cafes, ferry rides, photography walks, the Seattle Aquarium, etc. 

Looking back since that momentous chocolate dessert, I am so grateful for the 'live each day fully' reminder these dates have reinforced!

And a huge thanks to so many friends and family that have cheered on this mini-celebration tradition!

- Joe


  1. Mini celebrations or tiny moments taken to share any joy with the one you love, is a true gift from God. I get pure and total joy from watching the neighbor's cat!

    Oh to be a little kitty, what a life!!!!

    Hope you guys are doing well. I always keep the two of you in my prayers and feel so blessed to have found you.

  2. Life force is at least as strong as cancer, moment by moment it's stronger I think, as your minicelebrations affirm. These are good examples for all of us feeling overwhelmed by troubles of any kind.