Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Half Empty or Half Full? -by Joe

Heidi's weekly chemo dose (navilbene)

One of my online friends, Gerry, reminded me of the interesting challenge as to whether one sees a glass 'half full' or 'half empty'.  She's the 'half full' type.  We can choose optimism or pessimism when faced with challenges.

I think of this now when sitting with Heidi in Seattle Cancer Care Alliance's chemotherapy rooms every week.  I used to want to get out of there as soon as possible, so would watch the IV infusion bag containing the chemo slowly empty.  About halfway, I'd think 'This is taking forever!'  Now I am reminded to ignore the time remaining and instead be grateful that such lifesaving medicines are available.. a 'half full' optimism.

I hope I learn to make the same choice in every area of my life.

As always, thanks for your compassion and support!

- Joe


  1. Joe! Don't think I've been inspiration for anyone before,especially to the extent of getting an honorable mention in blog, but thank you! I wish you and Heidi all the best!

  2. I always see that bag of drugs as "good" for me in spite of its potential side- effects. Ammo to kill the enemy, so to speak. I also enjoy the opportunity for a benedryl induced nap! lol

  3. Yes, it does matter how we see what is going on. I think of hte "both Sides Now" song, except that there are hundreds of facets, not just two, ao many angles on every situation. Thanks for the reminder to watch my perspective.

  4. As my Doc always said, "It's and art not a science, if it were science, we'd have cured it already". Have faith, God's in control. You are both in my prayers! Brian - 3 time Bladder Cancer survivor.